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Down to the Wire

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This radio show project has been quite an experience for me. Being an online student I had some trouble finding a group at first, but after a couple of tweets looking for a group I was able to work with Michael Branson Smith and Ben Rimes (Both easily 100 times more creative than I). Ben Rimes took the initiative with planning and set up a google doc that we brainstormed several ideas on. We ended up going with an investigative theme for the show, and decided to investigate all of these recent claims that ds106 is a cult. For our segments we chose to do a couple “interviews” with Jim Groom and a former DS106 student. When Ben and I were recording the shows intro I quickly realized my ability to talk on the spot was near non-existent compared to his, so he took the lead and did a great job introducing the show, “DS1-0-60 minutes.” Unfortunately Michael Branson Smith was swamped with work so mainly just contributed to the brainstorming and had to miss out on the actual recording of the audio. I threw in some clock tick sounds, similar to those of 60 minutes, to complete the intro and I think it came out pretty well. Our bumpers/commercials were fun to make. I used some audio clips from various Jim Groom conference talks along with some Kanye background music to make our main bumper. We also used some Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper for another soundtrack between interviews too (seemed fitting to use music from a band with “Cult” in the name). Audacity transformed from a foreign monster to a simple audio tool, although I had a lot of trouble cleaning up my recordings (even though I have a fairly nice mic on my headset). Overall it was a very fun assignment, albeit hectic with Spring Break and online partners. I’m glad I got the chance to work with and learn from Ben Rimes and Michael Branson Smith. Enjoy!

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