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What was it like when we didn’t have itty-bitty cell phones, orcomputers that we could carry around in our backpacks? How did we survive? It’sa question I often ask myself. We were a generation that grew up in the midstof a t technology revolution. We wonder how people ever lived withoutbeing plugged in at all times. Our generation is connected at al times, whetherit be via Facebook, Twitter, text messaging or Internet, most of us areconnected 24/7. But what if we went a day without our technology?

We are so connected to the world it seems like we forget to takethe time to appreciate the things that we tend to forget about. Like how thesun shines on a beautiful day in Jacksonville, or how the grass is green. Wetake so many little things for granted and we don’t realize it. I grew upplaying outside and eating whatever came out of the garden that week. The firsttime I remember using a computer was in third grade. Until then I had no ideathey basically existed. And now, I can’t even go to school without my computer.

 I wonder how my dad didit when he attended Mercer? I know he used computer labs and everything, butthat was such a long time ago. They didn’t have online classes and hybridclasses like we do now. He didn’t have access to email and Google+ like we do.Imagine how hard it was for him to complete his work when he had to type somethingand 6 other people were trying to use a computer.

Then I look at my situation. Being in an online class and havingto do assignments online. Our classes are listed online, we don’t have to goand register in person for them. Click a few buttons and it’s done. Then wecomplain when we have every thing we need for success at our fingertips. Then Ilook at my brothers. Tanner who is 9 and Tate who is 7, and I cant even fathomhow different their schools are going to be when they get into high school orcollege. My brother knew how to use a Mac by the time he was five. Can schoolspossibly get any more advanced than they already are? Of course they can. It seemslike eventually we won’t even have to leave our homes to go to school. How easywill it be for them?

I think its crazy how things can change so rapidly in just a fewyears. From no one having a laptop, to almost everyone having one. How mucheasier can school get for us? But my real question is how much will futuregenerations complain when they have everything at their fingertips?

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