Final Pre-Production Assignment: Opening Credits

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For the opening credits assignment, I plan to redo the credits from Goldfinger:

In the more simplistic style of Dr. No:

Dr. No was the first Bond film, and had a smaller budget than subsequent films.  The opening credits are similar in style to the rest of the Bond movies, which are very distinct.  It is, however more simplistic.  I think I can maintain some of the stylistic elements true of all Bond credits, while replacing others with simpler styling that keeps the meaning intact.  The classic Bond theme music, for example is, a must.  Instead of the fancy gold effects in the Goldfinger opening, though, I think I can incorporate silhouettes sliding across the screen in time with the music.  Making these gold will maintain some of the effect.  Sean Connery’s silhouette with a drawn gun will definitely be featured.  The same goes for the film’s villain, Goldfinger himself.  I can also make the credits more tailored to the movie itself.  Some (not all) of the credits seem to be fairly generic.  I have found that this is the case with other Bond movies as well.  I will play more on the Fort Knox theme, as that is where the film is set.  Gold bars and some intense security features should set the tone.  Unlike the actual credits, I think I’m going to have to keep the credits animated.  Not only does this look cool from a stylistic perspective, but it will be easier for me to accomplish with my limited camera resources.

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