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So I just watched Andy Rush’s “Fast, Cheap, and Under Control.” He was fantastically detailed and had an enormous amount of resources that seem to be super useful for video editing business. I was feverishly taking notes the entire time (because I’m a paranoid OCD freak who gets scared she will miss somehting important any moment that I’m not not-taking) and ended up with two pages of resources that seem like something I could utilize in the next two weeks. This video was awesome because in addition to all the programs/sites he suggested, Rush also gave two UMW sites that are collections of even more helpful resources for video editing and filming. (One being the blog site and the other being the DTLT site.)

However, my usual DS106 symptoms are emerging once again for the week. I’M STRESSED!!!! I don’t know where to begin. I thought I was free from the DS-stress after audio…. I was wrong! Woops!

Okay, here I go to check all this stuff out. I’m gonna download that MPEG streamclip thingamajig….. and then see if it magically does all my stars for me.

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