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I am extremely excited about this DS106 class. It seems likea great way for a lot of people to do really well in this class. I feel itcaters to the needs of every student. You can choose what assignment you do anddo that assignment how you want. Everyone has a different style of learning,may it be visual, hands on, aural, or speaking, and this course really allowsyou to be able to do something that works for you.
I have always been a hands on and a visual learner. It wasalways hard for me to be interested in the class if I couldn’t be hands on withthe work. I think that’s why art and colorguard come so easily for me. In art Ican get my hands in the paint, or on a paintbrush, and in guard I actually havethe flag in my hand. History and English was not my top subjects because it wasso hard to sit and listen to someone lecture about stuff that happened yearsago, or to write a paper on something that I was not interested in. This coursegives you a range of things to choose from, so you are able to do what actuallyinterests you.
I looked through the DS106 page and I have found quite a fewthings I would absolutely love to do. I was planning on doing one this weekwith my blog post but I got caught up in a lot of other stuff.  I cannot wait to do some of these photographyprojects. DEfamiliarize is the assignment I am most excited about doing. You take tenphotos of things that are familiar to you but you take them at odd angles, oredit them to make them look unfamiliar! I absolutely cannot wait to do this assignment.  Normalto Extraordinary is also another assignment I would like to do. Take normalphoto of a friend, and then with the next photo make them look extraordinary! Youcould throw some glitter and some paint on them, or even dress them up. I amexcited to be creative!
I think this is an AMAZING website. Whoever came up withthis type of course is an absolute genius. There are so many assignments tochoose from. You have such a wide variety of topics. It should really not behard to find something that sounds fun but at the same time can educate you. It’salso great that you can receive feedback on your work. All in all I am extremelyexcited to do a few of these assignments. If we had a class here at JSU likethis I would be enrolled!!!

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