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Post Surgery (Pun!)

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[read this post in (bad) Spanish here: Despues de la cirugía]

The surgery went fine, and hurt about as much as drilling into your bone would expect. Coming up from the anesthesia post operation was a truly miserable experience like few I’ve had before. Still too drugged to be able to physically open your eyes, aware of only pain. Bless all nurses, for administering hand-holdings and more pain killers.

I’m currently under the continual influence of Vicodin, which makes Things Very Difficult. For example, writing this post. However, I’m a writer. I want to write more than I want to be coherent doing it. Also, I’ve gotten into the groove again of “having a blog” and I enjoy journaling. (Can you believe “journaling” isn’t a real word? Verb that stuff, already, Dictionary.)

What lifts my spirits a great deal–besides having amazing friends and family–is the presence of my cat, Troutfang. My mom brought her up from Fredericksburg a few days ago when it became obvious my stay here was going to be prolonged. Yes, sadly, I’m one of those “love me, love my pet” people, so I preen every time someone praises her, or plays with her, or etc.

She’s chats all the time. I just saved her from being locked all night in an upstairs room. Booyah.

Tomorrow I hope I have my head together enough to get work done.

I’ve been watching TimCast for the past 20 minutes. This guy is covering an OWS protest. Hundreds of police surrounding the protestors. I do wish the protestors would stop talking badly about the police. Everybody has a job, police provide an important service.

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