Movie Scenes that changes our lives

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5 Star Assignment


This project was a great idea! The first thing I had to do was thinking about my favorite movies. The second thing I had to do was to find movies that had great speeches or scenes that impacted me. I then downloaded the youtube videos through the keepvid website. Finally, I used mpeg streamclip to edit the videos so my video was too long. Also I used audacity to record my audio.


Oddly enough it was kind of difficult to think of scenes that impacted my life off the top of my head. It is not like I consciously think about certain scenes in my daily life. However, after about 5 minutes of thinking I realized that these scenes might have impacted me so much that they have become part of who I am. Perhaps the emotions that have been instilled in me through the scene have become so natural that I forget where it came from. Two of the scenes I used impacted me emotionally and morally whereas the other (The Matrix) was aesthetically pleasing. The motivation behind this assignment wasnt so much for others as much as it was for myself. Realizing what impacted me reminds me of what I value most in this world.

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