The Beast Feeds

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I went home for Easter, so I took advantage of the opportunity to incorporate my pets into an assignment.  I opted for the 30-second documentary.  I tried to make this feel at least mildly like a clip from the discovery channel.  So I decided I needed a narrator with an Australian accent.  Which I do not have.  So I googled text to speech, and ended up going with  This site is good because it sounds at least somewhat like a real person.  There are a few points where it sounds slightly digital, but for the most part it works.  All I had to do was type the text I wanted, select an accent and speed, then download the clip using realplayer.  It was surprisingly easy.  I then broke up the clip into segments using Audacity.  I spaced out the narration to match with the footage I got of my dog getting ready for breakfast this morning.  The video of my dog came from the video feature on a standard digital camera.  I edited it using Movie maker.

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