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The purpose of this assignment was to remix the Free Advertising design assignment with the Mood Swap remix card.  The assignment is exactly what it sounds like: take the mood of a submitted assignment and completely flip it.  I chose to remix Nick Antonini’s Nike advertisement.

I know we’re supposed to incorporate the original work, but this was very difficult given the nature of the assignment.  So I kept much of the layout the same, but changed the font and background image.  I tried to make the advertisement go from exciting to as dull as possible.  To make the changes, I first opened Nick’s image in Paint.NET.  I then added an image of the shoe as a layer (I found the shoe using google images).  I selected the white background behind the shoe using the magic wand tool, and then deleted it.  I then found a picture of cubicles on flickr, and added that as a background image.  For the font, I googled “free office font.”  This was not a good idea.  All of the results were for Microsoft Office.  So I searched for “the office” font, and found some forums that directed me to Teletype.  I googled this, then found a free download.  I tried to keep the text similar to Nick’s, but thought an office-type font would work better than the space invaders style.

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