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Remix Assignment: “Down Home at the Money Pit”

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Watching Movies With the Stereo On … COUNTRIFIED!

Original Assignment:Like when you have a movie playing on TV without the sound and you’ve got the stereo on at the same time. Take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song or radio show that, somehow, kind of fits.
Remix Card: Countrify It!
cowboy-hatAdd a sound of country music to an assignment, or alternatively, change the storyline to include a dog that is died, a partner that has left, a truck that no longer works, etc.

I took an oldie-but-goodie movie that always makes me laugh–”The Money Pit,” about a newlywed couple starting out by buying a house together, and finding the place may be much less than they bargained for–and smashed it together with a similar class, “Down Home” by Alabama.

There are a few noticeable kinks in it toward the end where I tried to be fancy and edit the audio a little bit. I wanted there to be a nice fade during the credits, and I also chopped up the song a little bit because it was so much longer than the trailer. I used Adobe Premiere for all of the work, as well as “Fastest Free YouTube Downloader to MP3 Converter,” which actually converts YouTube videos into other formats as well.

I was inpsired to do this after reading Emily DelRoss’ blog post and watching her versions of the assignment. :)

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