Week 12 – Digital Archive – Blog Reflection

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Besides being a funny and entertaining video, there is a lot of useful information and insight I took away from this short video.

Although I have the tendency to be a bit paranoid using the web (identity theft, hacking, lack of privacy), but I do appreciate advantages using the web, like the convenience of digital archiving, communication and creativity.

I keep a digital archive of my photos and daily journaling on computer, because it matters to me, and seems more secure than storing it in a physical album. However I am very selective with the photos and information I share on the web; I don’t like the idea having my information trapped on the web forever.

I would continue blogging, but I’ll focus on a different topic; I like traveling, and I blogging about my travels would be great way to document that area in my life. As for my twitter account, very high chance I’ll discontinue the service, it  doesn’t serve a purpose in my life, maybe if had a huge following it would make more sense have a twitter account.



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