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Warhol Something

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I just created an assignment for the Visual Assignments called Warhol Something.

Basically the idea is that you would use a photo that you already have, or take a new one, and turn it into something that looks like Andy Warhol‘s work.

I used a picture of my friend and I from this past winter: 

I then opened up Gimp and created another layer over this one. I used the magic pen tool to cut out only myself from this picture, getting rid of everything in the background. First I desaturated the whole thing. Then I changed the brightness and contrast so that there was more contrast in the picture and it was kind of boiled down to it’s simplest elements.

Then I used the adjust hue and saturation tool to change the hues and saturations into what I wanted them to be. The result was a picture of me with weird and bright coloring on a white background, but that’s not what I wanted so I picked a color I thought would go well with the ones already being used and I filled in the white spaces in the background. Parts of the white background were touching white parts on my hat, so those filled in as well. That isn’t what I mean to do, but it kind of keeps in the theme of Warhol to have it look handmade.


This assignment that I created wasn’t very hard, but it took me a little while to understand how exactly I wanted to make this. I could have also done the iconic Warhol thing where he makes duplicates of the picture in different colors. Maybe when I have a little more time I’ll do that. Or maybe someone else completing this assignment will! I would probably rate this about 3 stars because of its medium difficulty. (???)

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