All Things Done Final Video Reflection!!

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So here is my final reflection video! I talked about what digital storytelling meant to me, I talked about what I gained from this course, I talked about some of what I thought was my best work, I talked about what I would tell future students, and lastly I talked about how I hope ds106 will help me in the future! :)

Just a quick summary, I have enjoyed ds106, it was a lot of work and time consuming, but I am really glad I choose to take it! I got to be creative in ways that I did not know I could be. I got to be an artist, a designer, a director, and a radio show host. I learned how to make and edit videos using VideoPad Video Editor, I learned how to create pictures using Photoshop, and I learned how to create audio using Audacity. I am no expert at any of them but I must say I am pretty good at maneuvering my way around those programs and figuring things out. Two of my better assignments are “Would You Like To Travel To The Beast’s Castle” and Recreating A Scene From Urban Legends.” As for what I would tell a future student who was interested in ds106, I would tell them “DO IT” while it is time consuming and at times lots and lots of work, it is so fun! I hope to be able to use what I have learned in this class when I become a teacher to better help my students learn whether it be I create a video for them, an image, or just tell stories of how hard work pays off. :)

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