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Okay. It’s like 2am and I’m scrambling here, but that’s what finals week is all about, right? Right.

  • I made the “Play It Backward, Jack” video assignment where you have to reverse a video.
  • I made the “Play It Backward, Jackward” remix assignment (I think it’s called that. Might just be “Play It Backward, Jack REMIX,” but I remember thinking that “Jackward” was pretty dumb and perfect at the time.) where you reverse one of somebody else’s video assignments (or find a way to reverse a picture or sound or whatever).
  • I made the “The One-Man Play” audio assignment where you act out a scene from a play by yourself, using different voices for different characters.
  • I made the “That 70′s Show Circle” video assignment, where you film a conversation between friends in the style of the circle scenes in That 70′s Show.

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