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DS106 Reflection

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DS106 has been an overall interesting experience. When I signed up for the class I was really unsure as to what the class entailed.  I just figured it be some form of storytelling in a digital way.  Never did I think that the class would encompass so many forms of media forcing us to dive into using them.  The lessons that we learned in this class will be really useful in the future as our reliance on technology increases.  The amount of work that was involved with the class was a bit much at times but to helped me to really familiarize with the material.

I guess I expected to learn more about storytelling that we actually did but perhaps in an indirect way we did.  My view of storytelling was always what I imaged a creative writing course to be like and this was nothing like that. We were asked to view the world through this different mediums – film, video and sound in a way that portrayed a story.  I have labeled some of my material into a “best” category that I feel portray a story at least represent one.  Storytelling is what you make of it and like any other form of expression technology is excellent base from which to start from.

My best worked seemed to focus around the work of others. I dont consider myself a necessarily creative person but I am really inspired by the work of others. In two of my assignments I represent Kill Bill because I feel like it is an insanely creative film that demands respect. I doubt I could ever recreate something on the level of Tarintino – so creating the design assignments just was a reflection of something greater.  That is what I think I took away most from the class is that creativity is so multi dimensional that its found in so many different places.  You dont have to be looking to find inspiration for your own creativity.


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