My Final Project in a Nutshell

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I wanted to artistically portray various aspects of my daily commute for my final project. I also wanted to illustrated some of the new things I have learned in the course, so I tried to have a variety in the types of assignments. So of the things I completed, I was able to create a photo set, three GIFs (one of a clay train, one of a metro light, one of a real train), a letter to my brother and a playlist I sent him, and a visual aid for new Metro riders.

I had hoped to have at least one more element, but I ran out of time to complete it. Basically, in one portion of my commute there are more than 20 orange juice ads. I wanted to create an assignment using these ads, but I wasn’t able to take pictures of all of them in time.

Overall, I think the project turned out well. Individually the elements are awesome, I think. I do wish the elements would have come together better in the end, but that can be attributed to me being over excited and not planning my project well enough before doing it.

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