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Picasso Yourself

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The last assignment I submitted was Picasso Yourself.

The idea of the assignment is to take a normal portrait of a person’s face, and distort it the way that Pablo Picasso did in his Cubist works of art. This may be by moving around features or adding extra ones, or maybe elongating existing ones or making them smaller. The aim is to be creative.

I used this picture of myself:

Then, using Gimp, I cut out some of my features and replaced their rightful place with color that I chose using the color picker tool. Then I moved some of the features around, changed the size and shape of some, and rotated them a bit. I tried to elongate my nose, but I don’t know how effective that was. The end result is really creepy (it has 3 eyes), but a lot of Picasso’s paintings of people are super unrealistic and cubist.

Final Product:

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