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Visual Assignment: My Cabin at Camp Magic MacGuffin

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Pitch a Tent in Camp Magic MacGuffin: Help create Camp Magic MacGuffin! Visualize the tent or cabin you’re staying in; show us what Lake MacGuffin looks like!

My Cabin at Camp Magic MacGuffin

Feelin' Rustic!

Click here to see it on Flickr.

I was really excited about Camp Magic MacGuffin, and I wanted to set up at my cabin right away! I threw together a quick little shelter inspired by a trip to Mexico I took several years ago. Then, with the help of Photoshop (a popular place to visit), I crafted a sign to warn paserbys that things might get crazy while I’m at work. I pulled out my laptop (on loan from katsushiro on Flickr), proudly erected the Camp flag, and called it a day. Wooh!

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