Love Yourself

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Today I was just told something that disappointed me.  No names involved, but I was just told by one of my friends that they know somebody who was paid less as an extra on a show because she was not as “pretty” as the other extras.  This is why I laugh when people say that looks don’t matter!  And this is also why I get so mad that appearances mean so much in this world.

Just because one girl is “prettier” does not mean that she deserves more pay when she did the exact same thing as the other extras.  It is a shame that this is something that is actually happening because this is how beauty ideals are created and spread.

I saw a quote that read: “You have to love yourself first”.  Sometimes, this is very hard to do.  However, it is necessary to do if you want to succeed in this life.  If we do not believe in and love ourselves, why would anybody else?  The more we believe in ourselves, the further we will go.

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