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Today’s words of wisdom come from one of my favorite authors: Jodi Picoult. In one of her most popular books, “My Sister’s Keeper”, she wrote:


“And the very act of living is a tide; at first it makes no difference at all, and then one day you look down and see how much…has eroded.”


I love this quote because it really is so true. As each day slithers past us and as time rapidly moves on, nothing seems to change. Day to day I feel the same, look the same, and feel as if I’m doing the same old thing. However, go back five years, or less dramatically go back just one year. What do you remember? I bet you see a big difference now, right? Who were your friends? What were you excited about? And sadly, who was alive?


Day to day nothing seems to change, but little did we know that everything was changing and we were just to blind to notice. I always say I would do anything to go back to the days when my papa or grandpa John were alive, but that is also a problem. Past is the past for a reason and I need to look forward. Time changes everything and unfortunately she won’t stop for anybody so appreciate what you have now and always remember what a gift each day is.

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