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Hello thur

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So. I am married and getting settled in my new apartment. I am suuuuper anxious about starting work. I am filling out all the paper work tomorrow and starting on Monday. I have already picked out my clothes and everything.
The move here was quite entertaining. My mom followed me up in a uhaul through fburg, pa, nj, nyc (with a uhaul, there was some strong language used) and beyond. I learned that Stamford is spelled with a m. I always thought it was Stanford. People need to learn to enunciate better. The uhaul was packed once in the Peake, again in Fburg, again in NJ (we stopped to pick up old furniture from our family friends) and then it was quite the event unloading it all. We got lots of beautiful wedding gifts that are filling up our first apartment together. My mom and Jeff left yesterday, which was sad, but I will most def be back to annoy them on holidays. At least we got to explore the town and Boston together before they left. We went to the aquarium. It was sweet. I found my spirit animal there. Her name was Mertle the turtle. She is an 85 year old 600 pound turtle that had to be fed twice as much as the other similar sized turtles because if she wasn’t distracted at feeding time she would steal all the other fishes food and harass the divers. As they fed her she would occasionally come up and sigh loudly, if she thought the food was taking too long. I will totz post the vid.
The town I am now in is very urbanized. I am familiar with areas like this from staying in NYC and in NJ but it still feels different. I can walk to stores to get groceries but the closest walmart or target is a half hour drive through curvy crazy backroads. I guess it is better for the family owned businesses that way. A lot of the stores in the area close super early though. Like 6 o’clock early. So I guess it is a weird mix of New York and the downtown area in Fburg.
Right down the street is this sweet historic estate that used to be owned by a physicist a billion years ago. I went to visit it today and the grounds were lovely. I uploaded the pix to flickr but I will add them to this post too when I am not on my phone to post.
I am super torn between nervous excitement and nervous illness. My first professional job is about to begin. I wonder what is in store for me next…

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