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ds106: a reflection

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It’s nearly the end of July. Classes ended in April. This reflection is well overdue, along with everything else on this blog.

Let’s begin at the beginning, which I think is always a good place to start. All I remember from the early days of class is the daily creates, which I documented meticulously back when I did them on the regular. They were enjoyable at first, but became sort of tedious and a chore after awhile, which my class section agreed defeats the purpose.

The part that I enjoyed the most when class was just starting was setting up my blog. I liked picking my theme, setting up the menus, creating the logos and the welcome screen, the whole thing. As you can see, my blog is still well-organized and maintained, mainly because I liked the basic upkeep.

From the beginning, the most beneficial thing that I learned was setting up a domain name and web hosting and all of that. Granted, I hardly remember a thing, but going through the process was a good experience, especially being a Computer Science major. Becoming more familiar with the goings-on on the internet is always a good thing since the internet is growing so rapidly.

Next, the assignments. This class was a lot of work; the professors weren’t kidding with all the warnings and disclaimers at the beginning. I enjoyed the variety of the assignments and the way the weeks were designed to help us focus on one form of digital media and build upon our skills.

The most memorable assignment to me was the radio show, only because it was so fun to do and so hilarious to listen to afterwards. Speaking of that radio show, that shouldn’t stay online for long…hello, future employers!

Well, that about wraps up my wrap up of this class. I’d recommend it to other students if they’re willing to put the effort in and enjoy blogging.

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