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creating the scrapbook effect

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This tutorial requires Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint (or something similar to arrange the pictures like a collage). In this tutorial you will learn how to make something similar to my london calling assignment.

Step 1. Open the image you wish to edit in Photoshop.

Step 2. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Step 3. After the tool is selected, click around the object you wish to crop out of the picture. The series of clicks should go around the entire picture until the ends meet.

Step 4. To copy the selected area, press Ctrl+C or go to Edit > Copy.

Step 5. Open PowerPoint or another similar program that allows you to arrange pictures.

Step 6. Paste the cropped picture in the open program using Ctrl+V.

Step 7. If picture has a white background, upload the image to iaza and select Transparent then save the converted picture.

Step 8. Repeat Steps 1 – 7 until all the desired pictures are completed.

Step 9. Select a background image and insert it into PowerPoint and arrange to desired effect.

Step 10. Save work! I printscreen the screen then paste it into Paint and crop it to save.

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