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Badda Bing

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These past two weeks, we focused on Video Assignments, which I, of course, put off to do until today–so much work these past two weeks, in all of the classes. Anyways, I think I ended up getting some really good footage, thanks to the help of beautiful friends. I did a total of 7 different projects for a total of 16 stars worth of video assignments. Weeeee. All in all these past two weeks were hard for me to concentrate with the holidays nearing, and in need of rest. But I got my shit together–and finished the assignments up. Below is the result. Comments and criticism. Please.


16 Stars

For my first assignment (“Saturday Morning“), I recorded my raw emotions when waking up and finding out that I had yet another cold. It’s a Five Second Story for a total of 3/16 stars.

The next assignment (“The End“)–the One Second Story– and told a story in one second using two words–leaves a lot up for interpretation. Tell me how you interpret it. 4/16 stars achieved.

Following that, I worked on (“50 Eggs“), a clip from the movie Cool Hand Luke, mashed up with “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Just Eat It”. A rather punny combination. This was for the Watching Movies with the Stereo On assignment, giving me a total of 7/16 stars.

Juliet recorded herself recounting “A Not So Fond Memory“. I threw in some fitting background music, and loaded it up. This took care of the Recording a Memory assignment, bringing me to 9/16 stars.

My friends and I also felt we were interesting enough to try to record ourselves in a That 70s Show circle, we gave it more of a modern twist, hence why I called it “That 2012 Show.” Yeah, it’s not as good as the original, but we’re pretty interesting. And good actors. 12/16 stars.

Meg put her two cents in, and gained 5 Seconds of Fame, by teaching the wonderful world of YouTube, the face that get any man, any time, any place. Guaranteed. 14/16 stars.

And finally, to get 16/16 stars, Rose added a hint of genius, and Reenacted a Viral VideoSittin’ On Tha Toilet. Pure gold.

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