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Archer Meets Spock

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The gang finally gets up into space. Woohoo! Their training ended up being entirely inadequate, as Archer is incapable of doing anything anyone tells him to do. However, while up there, they stumble upon, you wouldn’t believe it, Spock himself. Spock drops some knowledge on Archer. Archer doesn’t really understand what he is saying at first, but as he starts to grasp the concepts, he begins to get really excited. Have a listen in on the conversation overhead by those on earth (Houston, can you read me?)

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To create this video, I took audio clips from the last two episodes of season three of Archer–the two where they do travel into space (also my inspiration for this project, but we’ll get to that later). I found a clip of Spock from Star Trek on YouTube under some random search that I did (I am not Star Trek savvy) and took the first thing I could find. Using audacity I mashed up the two to create a type of dialogue.

This was one of the toughest assignments (Dialogue Mashup from the audio assignments repository) that I have done–well worth the four stars, if not five. Using the tools and finding the clips that I wanted were not the most difficult part, surprisingly. Rather the thing that I had a hard time with was putting the audio together to create a coherent(ish) conversation. But I did it.

This assignment tops off my final project, bringing me to a whooping 16 stars. And adds the third genre to the mix. Let me know what you think.


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