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Bye-Bye Birdie

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Here it is: the last blog post. Waah? Crazy fast semester. It always seems that way though. Ugh, and my last fall semester at UMW. Sad face. Anywho, here we goooo.

Final Project with Reflection

An Overview of my Project: “The Initial Plan

1. Destination: Danger Zone

2. A Highlight Reel of Sorts

3. Archer Meets Spock

Just so you all know, and aren’t left hanging with what happens to Archer, I am including this written blurb for you:

After meeting Spock and talking to him, and eventually leaving–it was more like Spock got annoyed with Sterling and his inability to have a serious, philosophical conversation with anyone–Sterling and Lana return to the ship. They find that Cyril has accidentally shot the only person that could have landed them back on Earth safely; it’s not his fault the guy is incompetent with a gun. Cyril, being the only person that got close to landing the simulator successfully, offers to try to fly the ship. Lana agrees to this. Sterling points out that he actually crashed it (after being interrupted by an impatient Archer). And Malory gets drunk on the only alcoholic beverage on board. With everyone strapped in, Cyril successfully takes off. The trip is totally successful. Until Cyril tries to land and is pushed out of the way by Archer who thinks he can land it better. They crash. All of the money donated to their cause, ends up being a total waste, like everything else they do at ISIS. 

Weeee, I really like the way this project turned out. I feel like I really got connected with my creativity. The reason I even chose to do Archer is because it is one of my favorite TV shows. And with the new season coming out in January, I decided to do a sort of continuation/remix of the last episode of the most recent season. This is the result.

For me, my final project was a last ditch effort to find a hint of creativity within myself. And I honestly think I did. It is also a test of my knowledge of what I learned in DS106, and successfully utilizing the tools that I was taught to use. More than that, it was a compilation of all the types of media that we learned how to deal with–crazy enough, I ended up using what were my least favorite types of media. Lo and behold, I feel completely comfortable dabbling in them now. These are the types of things I hope other people can see when they look at my final project–that and I hope they can get a laugh.

Re-Visiting the Notion of Digital Storytelling 

During week three of DS106, I talked about what exactly I thought storytelling is. Today, I revisited it (“An Ancient Tradition“). And in re-reading this post, I can honestly say, my idea of what digital storytelling is, has not changed. Digital storytelling is definitely a evolution of what was once storytelling, and whatever else was before that. It is the storytelling of this generation. One thing that I might add to this post would be more on the concept of creativity and originality, and how it seems, sometimes that our generation is not as creative as the older generation. But this class has taught me that we are. We are creative in an entirely different way–albeit, a more subtle, more introverted way–but, creative nonetheless. This is evidenced by the fact, that the internet has soooo many things on it, and so much of that is the creativity of others. The accessibility of the internet is the reason sites like StumbleUpon and Pinterest thrive–because they feed off of, and share the creativity of the internet-users.

Tutorials, Assignment Ideas, and Daily Creates, OH MY!

1. Tutorials

I did my tutorials on the two assignments that I created. I felt like I kind of owed it to the future creators. Because there have been plenty of times, when I have wanted to do an assignment that I found somewhere in the repository, but couldn’t, because I didn’t know how. So, I hope people won’t feel like they can’t do my assignments because they don’t know how.

2. Assignment Ideas

I created two assignments (possible three, but I honestly can’t remember what the first assignment I created was) that I utilized to do my final project. I’m not sure if my final project inspired me to create the assignments, or vice versa. Anyways, one project,  a design project, is based on designing a book cover, smartphone app, or the like, for a “How To [be like someone]” guide. I did mine on Archer, obviously, because it was my final project. The second project, is a video project–it is based around collecting the best (or your favorite) scenes from a TV show to highlight why it is you like this show.

3. Daily Creates

Finally, here are all my daily creates from this semester. These were some of my favorite weekly projects. It’s not that they made me feel more creative, they just helped to spark the creativity within me on a daily basis.

The Best of Emma

You can see the work I chose as being my best here.

1. I chose to showcase my final project (the first three items)  in here because I think it is some of my best work yet. As I said earlier, I feel like it really captures the time and effort that I invested in it, and also displays my knowledge of the tools that I had to learn for this semester.

2. To follow suit are the assignments I completed for the design blitz way back when. And looking over this stuff, I think design assignments are really when I feel I get in touch with my creativity, and this work showcases that.

3. Last, I chose to display my story in five photos. For one, I love the quality of these photos, they turned out really great. Two, I love the dual message that my story sends–it was truly a stroke of genius on my part. Yes, it is obviously breakfast, and clearly a morning ritual for me, thus a moment of zen for me (hence, yin & yang), and also it is an adventure for my senses–wakes them all up; it is a feast for my belly as well as my senses.

For the Future

I gave advice to future DS106 students here. I stumbled upon my second piece of advice when I first started taking this class, and so I felt the need to pay it forward. It was the best advice anyone could have given me for this class–and just in my life, in general.

A Few Final Words

Having a blog is something I thought I would never actually do, but having been forced to have one made me realize that these things are not so bad after all, and there is so much stuff you can do being online–the possibilities for creativity are endless. So, thank you for that.

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