what mean ye, digital story? I mean THIS, digital story!

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This video is the work of whomever ran this lovely site (their about me doesn’t give any clues, but going off the URL I’m guessing someone named Grace).  The assignment was to create a movie trailer for something they wanted people to be excited about; while I don’t know how many people got excited about surfing after that, I know that I got excited about the things we’re apparently going to learn how to do.

Working from what appeared to be limited resources, she made a trailer for a story about her and her friend, who both apparently surf.  Even though she only had pictures of her and her friend and a few videos they had managed to take out on the water, the music she used and the image effects and transitions were really well pieced together and aside from the footage quality, it was really similar to how a real trailer would progress.

By employing the use of…visual [and] audio media, Grace evoked emotions and described events (Lamb, “stories told by a robot, I presume…“), making this post an official digital story.


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