1. klamb912

    The End is Nigh



    In week three of DS106, I guessed/created a definition of digital storytelling.  Having now completed the course, I have to say:  I’m pretty impressed with my January-self.

    “Digital Storytelling:  (course, noun, verb)  Employing the use of multiple forms of visual, audio, and perhaps even tactile/the-scent-version-of-these-words media for the purposes …

  2. klamb912

    Ron and Victoria


    This is Ron Burgundy, the lead anchor of News Team 4.  Ron has always been what people call a “ladies man,” but he has also always been somewhat lacking in intelligence.  Excellent at wooing women, viewers, and especially women viewers, Ron has had almost everything in his life come easy …

  3. klamb912

    The Poster


    One day Ron saw a poster on the wall with his face on it, mocking him and telling him to go to school.

    This is his reaction to it:

    This one actually took the most steps to create.  I took a picture of Ron and made a poster out of …

  4. klamb912

    It’s All Over


    Ron attempted to win Veronica’s heart with the video, but it didn’t work.  During the middle of a nice date, she got up and left him at the table.  After making a complete 180, Veronica was cruel to him from that point forward.  There was no real reason for it …

  5. klamb912

    Ron’s Journey


    In his classes, Ron discovered that he had had a warped perception of the world until that point.  He knew that in order to get Veronica to appreciate him, he had to appreciate her, too.

    To let Veronica know how he felt about her and using his new media skills, …

  6. klamb912

    Celebrity Life


    For this assignment that I created, I photoshopped a picture of my face on to a picture of Andrea Gibson.  She is an amazing slam poet whose work focuses on a variety of political and social issues.  I can’t listen to a poem of hers without feeling incredibly moved …

  7. klamb912

    Growing up with…Natalie Portman


    Natalie Portman

     I didn’t really grow up with her. But audiences were able to watch her grow up in film!  Natalie Portman has been acting since the mid/early 1990′s and is still appearing regularly in films today.

    For the “Growing Up With” assignment, I was required to mash …

  8. klamb912

    Vampires from Outer Space


    Remixes are a great way to demonstrate creativity and play around with things that already exist. Here are three examples:

    The author of this remix used half-second clips from the Star Wars films against a background of the instrumental of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson.  The …

  9. klamb912

    Ron Burgundy



    Ron Burgundy is the ultimate 1970′s man’s man.  He drinks obsessively, thinks little of women, and constantly shows off his masculinity.  His relatively low level of intelligence, his horrible social skills, and his incredibly inflated sense of ego are all good starting points for a character who needs to …

  10. klamb912

    Err…weekly summary. Finally.


    Last week was a major embarrassment for me and I completely forgot to work on this stuff over the weekend.  So I’m really not sure if I will be getting credit for anything I post today, but I’m posting anyway.

    We had to complete 16 stars worth of assignments from …

  11. klamb912

    SuperCut it!


    This week I made a ‘supercut it‘ video featuring Agent Ziva from the television show NCIS.  Her character is originally from Israel and English is her second language.  She is constantly trying to use American idioms and butchering them.  I haven’t seen this show in ages but used …

  12. klamb912

    Rugby rugby rugby


    This was the first assignment I did on moviemaker, and so it’s a little rough.  I chose to do the sports mashup, which involved piecing together clips of great sports plays, but they were supposed to also tell a story.  I picked rugby as my sport, even though I …

  13. klamb912

    Stop Telephoning Me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e…e.


    Another assignment option was to show the evolution of a product; I chose the telephone.  I feel like telephones are something that have been around for a very long time, but are constantly changing (much like computers, which telephones basically are now).  Cell phones now that are considered archaic (flip …

  14. klamb912

    I made a PSA, everyone.


    Another option for an assignment was to make a PSA, which I was excited about.  I did mine about household fertilizer use.  It’s actually a really big problem and contributes to a lot of environmental issues, but not many people are aware of the consequences of making their lawns beautiful …

  15. klamb912

    I am me


    I chose to do the “I am me” assignment from the bank, which involved creating a video that described me.  I didn’t really understand the example video that was provided, but I may have just missed the point.  Either way, I diverged from that a bit with my …

  16. klamb912

    Daily Creates FTW


    This week I did two Daily Creates.

    TDC447 asked us to draw the best present we’ve ever given or received.  One of my favorite things in the world is making/getting things for other people, but my Christmas present this year from my girlfriend was probably one of the coolest things …

  17. klamb912

    Video Assignments (yikes)


    I’m a bit afraid of these, but I’m sure I’ll be up to the challenge!  I want to do “I am Me” (I think), so for this I can’t really HAVE anything compiled yet, but I do know that I’ll want to use pictures that I have saved …

  18. klamb912

    Good Will Hunting



    Visual Only:
    looking around, centered, not looking at the camera or anyone else
    wind (peaceful?)

    camera slowly roatating right, moving him to the right of the screen. he’s moving forward?

    moves himself back to center of the image

    he’s talking, moving further into future then brings back to the …

  19. klamb912

    I can haz editing skillz?!


    When I read that I had to edit a web page, I was terrified.  Memories of my failing out of the computer science department flooded in and I thought it was going to be incredibly difficult to do this.  So, naturally, I procrastinated til the last minute.

    Turns out, thanks …

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