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Youtubing it My Way, Or “Mary finally got a facebook”

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We had to complete five-stars worth of assignments from the Web Design bank this week.  I had so much fun with the Hackasaurus tool that I chose to go with the assignment that required us to use it again!  I chose “Youtube it Your Way” for my first assignment, which was worth three stars.

There is a really adorable video of a lamb hopping through somebody’s house, and all of the linked videos are of lambs or goats as well.  This is what the page looks like really:


Here’s the page after I was finished with it:



And here’s the actual page.

For this one, I changed the page to be about President Obama.  I tried to edit the link video titles to have something to do with what was in the image AND President Obama, but sometimes it’s just about the President.  I also edited the comment section because I wanted it to be relevant to the new topic of the page but also reflective of the Youtube comment streams, which are often terrifying and/or immature.


For the second assignment that I chose, I did “What They Might Have Done in Social Media.”  This assignment was worth two stars, totalling me at 5 stars!

For this assignment, I chose to make a facebook page and a tweet for Mary Magdalene.  I originally was going to try to do something more contemporary, but as a religion major whose focus is women in early Christianity, I wanted to choose something more closely related to my major.  Mary Magdalene often gets an unearned reputation as a prostitute or a repentant whore.   In the Bible, she is referred to as neither of these things.  In fact, she is only mentioned at all a handfull of times and none of them have anything to do with her profession.  Her only fault in the Bible is having a popular name for the time, and her image is conflated with that of another woman who is called a prostitute and then a few centuries into Christianity, a Pope declared in his Easter Homily that several of the women in the Gospels, including Mary Magdalene, were the same woman.  And ta-da! Mary’s suddenly a prostitute.

So I decided to create a facebook page that would be updated and commented on at and following Jesus’ death.  Due to speculation that she was in a relationship with Jesus, I have her listed as ‘in a relationship’ and she is devastated following his death (not that she’d have to be dating him to be sad).  Her twitter account is updated once rumors of her being a prostitute show up and she is complaining about being “misunderstood.”

Check both pages out:

Mary’s facebook.
Mary’s Twitter.



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