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I made a PSA, everyone.

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Another option for an assignment was to make a PSA, which I was excited about.  I did mine about household fertilizer use.  It’s actually a really big problem and contributes to a lot of environmental issues, but not many people are aware of the consequences of making their lawns beautiful each spring.  Watching the commercials for these products, one might never guess that any harm could come of it!

That being said, I cheated juuuust a little with this one.  As my “I am me” video pointed out, I am an education intern with Friends of the Rappahannock. I teach fourth graders every week about watershed pollution, and one of the major things we talk about is the effects of fertilizers on watersheds.  I kind of just adapted my schpiel into a video and found pictures and videos to go along with it.  I downloaded and trimmed commercials for fertilizers, using various instructional videos and a couple of miracle-gro commercials.

I don’t know why I had so much trouble speaking – I recorded myself several times and kept stumbling.  That’s why there are a couple spots where I sound kind of weird — I did a bit of editing because I sounded even more troubled and stutter-y than the video even shows, but there are still a few hiccups in there.

If you didn’t know about this issue already though, you do now!

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