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Guess the Story!

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I decided to do the 4 Icon Story assignment. As soon as I read the assignment I knew immediately which story I wanted to do. I loved this story and it is still very fresh in my mind. I would be impressed if anyone guessed this one.


I didn’t find this assignment too difficult, although it was a little difficult to find the images I wanted. I used the icons from The Noun Project and then used gimp to merge them together.  I did have to struggle with it a bit before I realized I had to open each as a separate layer. Before that, it was just a big blurry pile that didn’t want to cooperate. I just thought gimp was mocking me again.

door – Designed by Michael Rowe, The Noun Project

gun – Designed by Olivier Guin, The Noun Project

wheelchair – Designed by Pieter Willems, The Noun Project

medicine – Designed by Emmanuel Mangatia, The Noun Project




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