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Week 3: Get it together woman.

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Somewhat late on starting this. Not because I lack interest or anything but I’m so not used to being on the internet doing actual work.

On this specific Say It Like Peanut Butter assignment I spent more time trying to figure out which movie to than I did actually making the gif. I thought one of my favorite tv shows and made this:



from The Boondocks

Then I thought of one of my favorite music videos Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim and made this:


because I mean, it’s a flying Christopher Walken. I’m not sure if it was the gif making software, the video or just my lack of skills but I wish the quality was better.

After much consideration I decided to go with Training Day, when Jake leaves Alonzo to the people he’s wronged.

Training day

Here’s to hoping I did this right.

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