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Princess Courtney’s Note

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The Fandom Princess and her sister were of course very, very close (of course, there were times when the princesses got on each other’s nerves, but what are sister’s for?) One day, an owl delivered a note to the Fandom Princess while she was away at school. It was from her younger sister, telling her that she had just been asked to a formal ball called Prom by a Prince who she had admired for years! The Fandom Princess was so happy that she decided to design some artwork to show her when she returned home to help Courtney get ready!

For my final Design Assignment, I decided to do the Album Cover one since I LOVE creating these. They’re so much fun! Seriously. I could probably do these and sound bumpers over and over. Much like how I did my album cover for last week, I used Pixlr (my new favorite) in order to edit my picture! Oh snaps! The picture! So, a few years ago I dyed my hair all red because I thought I was well, hip. That same day, my sister and I decided to have a photo shoot outside since it had just snowed and we had gotten new hoodies for Christmas! My mom did a fantastic job at taking pictures of us jumping high and practically flailing, but it worked out well for this assignment!

Sharpe Sisters Album Cover

I used the picture of us in mid-air for the album and used an effect that kind of separated it into three chucks. From there, I changed the color, added a faint border to give it a little more musical sort of feel, then came up with a title and our band name! I even added our top hits in the corner. Mwhaha. Hope y’all enjoy! I had a bunch of fun doing this assignment!

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