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The Royal Horse Carriage

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Now, whenever the King and Queen would go out for long rides around their kingdom to see how things would fair, they would take the same carriage that they had been riding in for years. The carriage was large and majestic, led by 6 silver horses with jet black hooves and noses. On the back of the carriage, they placed two small scrolls that were each designed by their daughters. A sort of “sticker” as one may call it. The Fandom Princess had designed one for them when she was very young, along with her sister as well. It was merely one way that the King and Queen managed to keep a part of their family with them always. 

Who doesn’t LOVE a Bumper Sticker? Huh? Answer: EVERYONE DOES! Woot! So, for this Design Assignment, I decided to do Bumper Sticker. We had to make the sticker unique to us, and I knew immediately what I wanted to my bumper sticker to reference: my experience while working at Disney! Or at least a way for my parents to brag to everyone about how I was able to be besties with Disney characters. Thus, I created this lovely Sticker, in hopes that if it ever really does become an actual sticker (which I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do that) then my mom will actually put it on her car. Fat chance, but we’ll see. Here’s the finished product:

Disney Bumper Sticker

I decided to keep it short and simple since when you have a big name like Disney already on, well, anything, it’s already a big deal. I did take it a step further by going and downloading a Disney font from FontSpace called Walter. After installing it to my computer through the control panel, I once again used Powerpoint to create what I wanted the sticker to say. A quick trip to Pixlr to add a border to make it look like a sticker finished off this project! Looks savvy, huh?

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