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The One-Man Play- 4 Stars

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Okay, so for the rest of my stars this week, I decided to do this audio assignment I found randomly. I chose to do my favourite play, “No Exit.” It’s a really good play, so I recommend you read it (you know, unless you’re not into existentialist writing, then I probably wouldn’t look at this).

Anyways, the play is about these people that are dead and are in “hell.” The play has four characters, three of which are in the section I picked: Garcin, Estelle, and Ines. Although there were many good scenes in this play, I chose the one I did because I really wanted to record the famous line “Hell is other people.” For each character’s voice, I tried to do something that reflected their personalities. For Garcin, I was trying to be manly, yet cowardly at the same time (he was a coward that committed suicide). For Estelle, I was trying to come across as an air-head rich gal (she was a high-society lady). And for Ines, I was trying to sound mean and blunt (she was a very manipulative person).

Side note: that’s little T.J. in the background making coos if you were wondering. I legitimately tried doing over three takes until I finally decided that this was good enough. Of course now he’s sleeping quietly next to me now that I’m done recording. Thanks, Taishi.

Anyways, I hope my clip wasn’t as awkward to you as it was to me (I tried so hard not to laugh during Garcin’s and Estelle’s parts). Let me know what you guys think!

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