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Listening to the documentary living with cancer was an amazing but heart breaking experience. The entire time the story continued to generate emotions the entire time. In the beginning a women’s who girlfriend died told her story, Her sadness was easily transferable; I felt her pain. “I wish we could talk about death, without someone dying.” This statement is so relatable. With an elderly grandmother, who is currently extremely sick, although it is not cancer, resonated with me.  Everyone wants to discuss these things, but no one has the heart to.


Further in the story, you discover how cancer appears to be a disease that can come from the way people live their lives. Environmental and occupational causes of cancer estimate are outdated. The 6 percent may not necessarily be true. With life being precious and beautiful, one doesn’t know what simple lifestyle choice could cause their cancer. Knowing that cancer can be a family disease, just like the lady in part two, makes this disease even scarier.


To me the things that worked the most in this documentary were:

  1. Tone in all the storyteller voice
  2. The relatable
    1. No one talks about disease in families
    2. Knowing someone with cancer is common
    3. The music
      1. Eased some of the sadder emotions
      2. Doctors

What didn’t work

  1. I wanted more stories and less news reports
  2. There was no happy ending
    1. Cancer is still around and no solution has been found




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