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Spring is for breaks, clock changes, flowers, etc, but also the time of the current semester for the ds106 students at University of Mary Washington to have their radio show projects premiere live on ds106 radio. We hope you join us Monday March 18, from 8:00-11:30pm on the all new ds1206 radio station – tune in to the broadcast via the web player or directly to the stream.

Show some support to the students by listening in and tweeting us your questions and comments. We will have a rep from each team present live on the radio to talk about their show. Here’s the lineup…

8:00-8:30 pm EST Team Digital Dynamite “What Makes You Dynamite” hosted by Nancy and Amber


Introduction to the show
Listen to What Makes You Dynamite
Discussion of the show

8:45-9:15 pm EST Team Fifth Dimension “The Fifth Dimension Twilight Zone” hosted by Fairuz


Introduction to the show
Listen to The Fifth Dimension Twilight Zone
Discussion of the show

9:30-10:00 pm EST Team Awesome “Blast from the Past / Into the Future” hosted by Micaela


Introduction to the show
Listen to Blast from the Past / Into the Future
Discussion of the show

10:15-10:45 pm EST Team Fab Five “Serial Dater” hosted by Kelsie


Introduction to the show
Listen to Serial Dater
Discussion of the show

11:00-11:30 pm EST Team Dot Commers “The Science of Group Projects” hosted by Kristen and Karissa


Introduction to the show
Listen to The Science of Group Projects
Discussion of the show


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