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The Cabin in the Woods

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We return now to one of the days where the Fandom Princess and her friend, Bryson, skipped their lessons and ventured into the woods to meet up with their good friend Fauna, the famed centaur artist who lived deep in the woods surrounding the castle.

The Princess and Bryson sauntered on, the sun shining brightly through the leaves and casting down shadows upon them. Ghost amused himself by barking at all the squirrels and wild gnomes that he could see, while the Princess and Bryson talked about the possibilities of more magic being out in the world.

“I only hope that one day I can be able to explore the world… like your Prince,” Bryson said bravely.

The Princess smiled as she stepped over a gigantic log. “I don’t think there would be a finer explorer and captain of the seas than you, Bryson.”

Bryson grinned. Finally after a few more meters, they reached a small wooden cabin in a clearing of trees. Smoke rose from the stone chimney and there were a plethora of rainbow colored birds flying around home and trees. By the lake beside the home, miniature deer, a rare species, drank water and grazed the grass beside it.

There was a sudden loud smash that came from inside the cabin. The Princess and Bryson exchanged looks and then went to the front door, knocking loudly.

“Fauna,” the Princess yelled. “Fauna, its Tiffany. Are you alright in there? Bryson and I have come by to have a chat.”

“Everything is quite alright darling! Don’t fret! I’ll be right there!” Fauna said from inside.

They heard the sound of springs, chimes, and other weird noises as they waited. Bryson snickered and Ghost whined, tilting his head to the side.

The door suddenly opened and there stood a centaur with long silvery hair with flowers embedded in it, a robe made entirely of flowers covering her shoulders and chest.

“My dear, dear Princess,” Fauna said with a smile. She opened her arms widely and gave the Princess a hug. “And my charming, little voyager, welcome!” She opened her arms to give Bryson a hug as well, and stepped aside to invite the two into her home.

The Princess, Bryson, and Ghost spent the entire day there in joy. Fauna made them her special herb tea, and cooked them a huge meal of grilled ducks, seasoned corn, and her famous mashed potatoes with butter. They talked of how life was going, how the Prince was doing, and school. Most of all they spoke of art and of music and how it was influencing them. 

Well, these last few weeks were definitely different in terms of all the audio assignments that we had to do. I will say that I did like the variety that we had to pick and chose from, although my outlook on audio still remains pretty much the same. Doesn’t matter though, I liked the experience of being able to play with Audacity some more.

Probably most exciting was being able to meet face to face, which was kind of weird, with my group members for us to do our radio show. I knew I had picked a great group to join and I had a lot of fun working with them. We were all very creative beings who were able to get along well while working on the show. We came up with the idea of doing something of a parody of the typical group working on a project. Funny, right? We thought so too. And as we designed the script, we knew that this was indeed the right choice for our group to do. The theme and category seemed to fit us well.

When it came down to actually recording, we did it like a cold reading of a tv show would do it, which was cool! And then from there we would record the whole thing, and then if we decided that we wanted something to be added, we would either re-record or just record a little bit to be edited in later.

Oh, and since I owed this to everyone last week, here seems like a good week to put my radio bumper for the show in.

We did spend about 2 and a half hours doing the actual recording for a 20 minute show, but it was worth it to make sure that everything turned out how we wanted to. With the help of Google Docs and Twitter, we were able to knock this assignment up and out and no matter what grade we get, I think we are all really proud of the amount of work and time that we put in to make something that we love and had a lot of fun experimenting to get it to where it is!

As far as other assignments go, let me link y’all to everything else that was due this week!

Here you will find my audio assignments!

Here you will find my Foley challenge!

And here you will find my daily creates for the weeks.

All in all, surprisingly, I am both sad and happy to be departing audio for a little while longer. I do very much the amount of creative freedom that we are given when it comes to doing things with different mediums and forms, but I do like the writing aspect of this class more. I still am very grateful for everything this project and audio has taught me as well as the skills it has given me! Until next week! Princess out!

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