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Week in Review | All About Audio

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Maybe it’s just me but the past few weeks have really flown by!

Week one: regular schedule

Week two: SPRING BREAK (and I did take a break)

Week three: this week, back to regular schedule

That’s where the weekly wrap-up comes in.  I’ll be talking audio and radio tonight.


The assignment:

Make Foley Sounds for a Silent Movie

Out of a 3:26 minute movie I made the sounds for 30 seconds of it.

This was suuuuuper hard for me.  Came out okay, not something I would ever want to do again for fun, BUT, done and well, better for it I guess.  Foley is something better left for the professionals!

My version is fairly effective, but crude, and hard on the ears compared to what the experts do!  Still, I think I accomplished the main goal.



The assignment:

“Over the span of this assignment stretch, you must complete 5 points of audio assignments from the audio category in the Assignment Bank.

I ended up doing 2 different assignments, one worth 2 stars and one worth 3 stars.



The 2 pointer ” Teenage Angst ” was awesome!  No, really.  This was exciting because while I used someone else’s story, on paper it seemed mundane and cheesy, but I put my best acting voice on, and brought as much melodrama to the story I could.  I really think this deserves more stars than 2, AND!  I can so see this as some sort of series or something.  **WIP

I got to use more than one sound, make the dialogue as dramatic as I wanted, and learned more about audacity during the process.  Overall, really went well, and interesting on a few levels.

–improved audacity skills

–kind of voyeuristic, in the best way.  We are invited in to read these diaries, they are public on the web at  and many other sites

–gave me a chance to be creative in a whole new way


The 3 pointer “Beat Craigslist” was just plain silly.  That is exactly why I picked it too.  Although I did end up spending a bit of time researching beatnik, or spoken word poems.  In general it was just fun and silly.

I took a little creative license in the assignment– I think we were supposed to pick the most random craigslist ad, I just chose one from a random city, board and item, craigslist roulette if you will.


The Daily Creates

I broke these up into 2 different posts.  part of the time I did the current daily creates, but decided to mix it up a bit and did some old daily creates too.  I remembered as long as I am making something I’m doing it right, soooo…while they weren’t assigned the day or week (or year) I did them, I did some.

I used the random button to find three of the six creates.

To do this yourself:

1.  Go to the TDC home page

2.  Under the menu item EXPLORE, choose RANDOM.  This will bring up a random daily create assignment.

3.  Get to it.


The daily creates give me a chance to re-group, do something fun, silly, and most of the time something I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT  of myself, unless there were heavy prescriptions involved.  For this class the past few weeks have been tough, and the daily creates have been my only saving grace.

Thank goodness for that at least.


My favorite “old school” create is the

Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.

from November 2012

paint waterspill


& My favorite real-time daily create is

Draw a mermaid in a normal every day setting. Make him/her blend in.

Mermaid on the subway.

Hello!  A mermaid?  Of course I was going to do this daily create!  I am no drawing master, but coming up with a mundane activity and having a mermaid do it was enticing!  I really like the end result, plus!  it was FUN!



(Image via  I’m not sure who took the photo, but the elephant art is Banksy.)

And now, what we have all been talking about…except me.


There, I said it.  Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio.


What I didn’t do is upload my radio show to dropbox last night.

No, it wasn’t a mistake, or something I forgot.  It was a conscious decision on my part.





None of what I am about to say is a reflection on the class or it’s instructor.





I was thoroughly excited about making a group radio show.

–Completely and utterly excited.

–Planning, discussing, tweeting, and Google Hanging.

–Then, the wheels on the bus fell off.

Okay, I’m a big kid.  I can work something out on my own.

I did.

I proposed a really great show.  One with people, a storyline, and an interesting subject.

I interviewed 4 people.  I made pizza with one, drank coffee with two, and noshed on noodles with the last.

I did some bang up editing, worked in a bumper or two, and really began to believe this could work, no matter the obstacles I was working through.

Something had to give.  Mentally I was blocked.  How had I ended up in this situation?  A situation where speaking my mind in a respectful, while critical way was unwelcome.  A situation where I was the bad guy.

Okay, maybe sometimes I AM the bad guy.  THIS is NOT one of those situations.

I do not want to participate in the radio show talks, the playing of the pieces, and the overall review because there is a really bad taste in my mouth right now.  Not of the class overall, but the assignment, and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that went along with it.

Now, I haven’t done anything ridiculous and delete all of my hard work.  I just wrapped it up tightly for safe keeping.  Maybe I’ll be able to unearth it someday soon.

So.  Now that the worst section of ds106 ( I hope it’s not 4life) is over.  I can begin to think clearly again.  Or, I will tomorrow.





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