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Final Weather report

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Recording tools: Iphone 4s a.k.a Chocolate 

Audio Editing tools :Audacity 

Downloader: Youtube & Firefox Extension 

This part of the dating audio portion took FOREVER! One of my biggest difficulties was perfecting my script. It took me over 50 takes to get it almost complete. Below you can see the script. 

    Good morning Ann Arbor, this is Kellz with your Love weather report.

The coldwave that slowed everybody down this weekend is showing all the signs of letting up this week. Relationships are on the rocks and have been since late Sunday evening. For those in a relationship, stand clear of quarrels for the next two days.

Right now, only an hour after lunch, the chance of getting chose here at the union is already 45 percent. There is relatively no ex drama in the air, so it feels quite comfortable out here to make your move at the moment. Go, get lucky folks. Our meteorologists suggest that Weekend availability levels could climb to as high as 80 percent by the late Friday and continue to rise all weekend. Unfortunately, there is also no payday in the forecast for the next five days, so chilling will be your date option this week. This is bad news for the Pre St. Patrick’s Day flings.

The temperature on St. Patrick’s Day will be mind-blowing, BTW. The forecast appears to show that it will be 100 degrees on the love meter. Meaning everyone will appear to be single, but you can expect rain of furry from girlfriends in certain areas and crazy ex boyfriend humidity.

Looks like a casual jean and shirts will be appropriate to ensure all parties don’t find themselves in a hurricane of problems. That’s all for this week’s weather. Stay tuned for the morning single traffic report. 

I got my idea, because of how important the weather is for me. What better way to find out how to get a man or woman than by the weather telling one their chances of getting lucky. 

Aside from the script, the audio portion became complicated. I had a hard time deciding to add music or not to add music. Then to add some flare with animation. This became more difficult. To get the tempo correct, and sync things through, something as simple as a quick edit took hours. 

However, below you can find all three of my final edits. 

Without music

With music but lower animation 

With music but amplified animation 

By the end of all this hard work, I just want to move on past audio. Its be fun. Its been real. But i’m ready for something new. 

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