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Connecting the Stories

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The Fandom Princess first fell in love with all the many fan clubs that she had joined because she became immensely connected to the stories that they told. In each club, there was an entire community dedicated to the lives of the people, the settings, the emotion behind the stories, and the Princess found it all so heartfelt that she constantly made time to sit into at least two clubs a week. Even if she had to drag her Prince along (as he wasn’t a big fan of the Disney fandom) or went by herself to the Lord of the Rings club meetings, she love immersing herself in strange and new stories and feelings of others:

This week with our daily creates we were required to do something a little different than just merely posting our creative brain push-ups. We had to take the daily creates that we have done and then link them together in a story. This turned out to be a little easier for me since two of the three creates that I did were writing ones.

Thus, I decided to structure my narrative about a girl named Rebecca, a nice girl, but a sad and lonely one because she constantly is forced to do what her parents want and not what she really wants to do, which is be a normal teenage girl who wants to learn how to play music.

To set up this narrative, I decided to use this daily create, in which readers get a first person insight to the personality of Rebecca as she interacts with her cat, Midnight. The second, I used this picture that I drew. Previously, it was the daily create about how we look when we’re waiting for something and I had titled the picture ‘Cake Wait.’ For this assignment, I changed the title to ‘Wanting Something Interesting to Happen’ so that readers could see how bored Rebecca was in her everyday life. Lastly, I used the daily create about developing a dream world of happiness to tell the end of Rebecca’s struggle for happiness and an interesting life. I hope everyone can enjoy!

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