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How Images think – Response

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How images think chapters seemed misleading to me “How images think explores the rich intersection of image creation, production, and communication within the context of debate about the mind and the human consciousness.” From the introduction I had high expectations for what I was reading. Once I started to read chapter 1 I found this to be very boring. Why I do believe television is an important aspect of how images affect the human consciousness, I felt this was too obvious. I wanted it to start off with something different, seeing that the author believes “Images have become central to every activity that connects humans to each other and to technology.” The first thing that came to my mind was the Iphone Emoji’s. Maybe, my web 2.0 lifestyle craved that the story connect to me and television was not the way. The attempt to use photography was also cliché. We all know the importance of art and how there are 1000 words in photos, but I want the author to dig deeper.  


“Images combine all media forms and are synthesis of languages, discourse, and viewing. Images are not isolated expression among many and are certainly not just objects or signs.”  This quote was by far my favorite line in the entire two chapters. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. In a generation where text has become talking on the phone, individuals have to find a way to create a since of self within conversations. One of the ways I do this is by using emoji’s or gifs. For me images are my personality and expression reaching a whole new level I could never obtain. While sending a picture of myself smirking would be nice, a picture of a unicorn doing the same action would be better. The goal is to tell a story. I want the viewer to laugh, cry, become shocked, or the like when they receive my message. The creative the better, in the came of texting nothing is more awkward than a person viewing your picture and saying “Oh, yeah. I’ve seen that one.” Total mood killer but I understand its like hearing the same story twice. All in all, images are important and key aspect of my generation’s lifestyle.


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