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Lest We Forget

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After the Fandom Prince returned from his long voyage in the distant lands and seas, he found himself wanting to spend every waking moment with his beloved Fandom Princess. The Princess was all too happy to oblige and found herself neglecting her studies and responsibilities in order to spend all the time she could frolicking, and dancing, and kissing, and talking with the Prince.

An owl from her parents (who had received a long scroll all signed by her professors at Mercury) arrived one day during the second week of the Prince’s return. The Princess and Prince were in the middle of brainstorming what the Princess should ask the magic ruby for as her second wish when a large barn owl flew through the window of her chambers.

Ghost barked loudly and the Prince’s hand instantly went for his sword that he kept close at hand. The Princess shushed them both and went to the barn owl as he perched on the back of a chair. She unfolded the letter and frowned as the King and Queen expressed concern about her studies. To show them she was not completely forgetting about her scrolls and studying, she requested the Prince take Ghost out to town for a walk and to get some things, then sat and responded:

This week was full of very interesting in terms of things that we had to do in order to get a firm grasp on web storytelling! I greatly enjoyed it though, as the assignments and storytelling that we got to do allowed me to be a little more creative. I was glad to finally reach a section in the course in which my natural storytelling and imagination would be more known. So, without further ado, here is where everyone can find my assignments for this week’s lessons!

My evaluation of the radio show Digital Dynamite can be found here! They did such a great job with their radio show that I’m actually really jealous. I think that there was wonderful flow between everyone in their show and their use of sound effects and effortless transitions had me wanting to hear more. Great job once again, guys!

My web storytelling assignment can be found right here! Once again this was such a fantastic assignment to do! I had a lot of fun once I got over the nerves of it, but I’m really glad that we got to dabble in a little “hacking.”

My other web assignment can be found here!

My story line-daily-creates are right here! This was both challenging and simple at the same time. How, you may ask? Well, the daily creates were easy, but finding a way to string them together was a bit challenging. I finally figured it out and it turned out alright, I think!

And lastly, all my recyclable things can be found in this post!

This week was super fun and I can’t wait until this remix thing that we’re supposed to be doing soon! Seems like I’ll enjoy it a bunch! Until next week! Princess out!

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