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The Queen’s Visit

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One early Saturday morning, the Fandom Princess, and Ghost, awoke suddenly to three loud raps at the door. Believing she was still dreaming, the Princess rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. Moments later, she heard the door opening and slamming shut.

“Tiffany!” a high, shrill voice yelled. “Tiffany, darling, this place is an absolute mess!”

The Princess sat up in time to see her mother, the Queen stroll in, followed by two of her royal assistants. She smiled and reached over to kiss the Princess on the forehead.

“Mother,” the Princess said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing here? You didn’t send word you were coming.”

“Your father had a small amount of Transportation Sand left, so I used a pinch to get me here for the day,” the Queen said. She clapped her hands as her eyes laid on Ghost, and one of the assistants placed a large bone in front of him. Ghost happily began to wag his tail and took the bone in his large mouth.

“I was going to take you out for a lunch in the town,” the Queen said. “But your chambers are quite horrendous, darling. We must throw some of these items out.”

At first the Princess was horrified, but as the Queen went through the Princess’s closets and drawers, the Princess realized that she didn’t wear or need half the things that were in her room. So, with a new outlook, she assisted her mother’s assistants in recycling some of her items, while the Queen propped her feet on the edge of the bed and ate from a box of truffles:

This recycling thing was really hard, considering that if I don’t use something for a ds106 assignment, I end up just merely deleting most of the media. I got lucky in this case, because I had a few photos from the 20 minute photography challenge that we did a few weeks ago. Both pictures were from the assignment and they were called DSC00771 and 2013-01-24104533_zps5590deca (yeah, I just realized I forgot to rename them… Yikes!) Anywho, those are the only two that I could find (*insert sad face here*), but I hope they make great additions to the drop box!

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