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Daily Create- Splash

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Daily Create- Splash

Who: I, Kelly.
What: Decided to create one of the stereotypical pictures of items in colors. I wanted to choose ballet shoes or the kid with red balloon. The shoes won because I found this picture on Creative commons. THANKS the ? Unlimited on
When: This took place today, March 27th.
Where: Photoshop on a PC in the MLB
Step 1: obtain picture
Step 2: duplicate layer
Step 3: Then click the duplicated layer and go to Image > Adjustements > Greyscale. Click OK. After the picture is black and white click the eye on the original layer”
Step 4: “Then you want to select the lasso tool and click around the object you want to display in color. Once you finish with the lasso tool, use the
Step 5: eraser on the object you want in color”

& now i’m done :)

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