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Three-Time Review- Bada$$ Edition

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For the three time analysis assignment, we had to watch a movie clip three separate times to focus on different elements, such as visual and audio, and then visual and audio together. I know this is awful, but none of the clips Cogdog had really interested me (sorry Cogdog!). So I decided to choose a scene from a movie I just watched on T.V. a few days ago (and my boyfriend’s second favourite movie), Dodgeball:

Here’s what I got!

1. Visual Only

Okay, so the first thing I noticed was that there were a ton of zoom shots. I learned this technique from this video we had to watch. I think this was completely necessary since it showed the two different groups of people that were across the street from one another.

There was one moment, when the camera was looking at the incoming traffic, the shot got kind of shaky. It looked like to me that the camera was trying to act like the guy with the googles’ perspective? Like the shaky effect was him being scared? I’m not really 100% sure.

Another thing that I learned from this video was that the clip had a lot of differing shots, especially when the guy got hit by a car (the first time). This increases the dynamic of the scene, while also showing the 3-d element of the guy getting hit by showing it from the front and the back.

Also, I liked the wardrobe of the guy running across the street. He definitely seemed like a geeky character (because of his protective googles). It just made it seem more hilarious that he got hit by a car rather than Vince Vaughn’s character.

I guess I would touch on lighting, however, they were outside in the sunlight. I guess I could say it was nicely lit? Haha :)

2. Audio Only

The one major thing I noticed while listening to this scene was the soundtrack in the background. It enhanced the funny element of the scene. Then, when the guy gets hit by the car, they stop the music. But then they start it back up after he gets back up (I think it’s to make the scene almost seem serious, but then making it lighthearted again)

Also, I liked how they added in the background sound of the cars whizzing by and the car breaking to a stop. It definitely made it seem more realistic, like I was in the scene, hearing the cars drive by. They were small things, but they also added a nice touch.

Oh, and of course, the huge crash sound! I thought it made the accident seem very major. Especially when you hear the other people gasp. But then the guy gets right back up and says, “I’m okay!” before getting hit again. Too funny.

3. Visual and Audio Together

While watching the clip in its fullness, I think the music and the guy’s wardrobe stood out the most to me. The guy wearing a geeky hat and googles along with the lighthearted music added another dimension of comedy to the already funny scene.

And then the car hitting the guy! Now that I noticed the severity of the crash noise and the gasps, I really did think that must have hurt REALLY bad. Which made the guy standing back up seem ridiculous. But then he gets hit again. Oh goodness, I can’t stop laughing :D

What do you guys think of my three time analysis? Did you guys catch any other elements I missed? Comment below if you did!

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