Shooting with a Theme

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Shooting with a Theme

Shooting with a single theme is a great way to start to broaden the objects that you shoot. You simply take a certain theme, such as a colour, an object, or even an idea such as contrast, and then you spend the whole day only shooting objects that suit your theme for the day. When you get involved in doing this a lot, you start to really understand what certain objects, or colours do for various photos and how you can use them to your advantage. It also helps you to find something interesting in something boring, as you have to try and make everyday objects worth looking at. Challenge.

I chose to use a black and white picture. My theme is also student life.

This favorite image is a picture of my friend who was texting and taking notes. In color it seemed not boring and too much emphasis on the contrasting colors. The use of black and white makes the picture sole focus is on the activities.

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