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A Day in My Life (5 Stars)

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So, for my second assignment, I chose to do something that was way more advanced than my first assignment, the “A Day in Your Life” assignment. Before I go into gibber-jabbering about the assignment and my approach to it, here’s the video I made:

Now, I saw this assignment yesterday and kind of planned it out in the sense that I would do all of my big errands and stuff today just so I could film it and put it in my video (because otherwise the entire video would be me sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing. Haha). So you could say that this isn’t so much a good representation of my every-day life.

The approach I took to this assignment was similar to what a lot of YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) do in theirs. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from a beauty guru on YouTube named Judy on It’s Judy’s Time who makes daily vlogs on another channel called It’s Judy’s Life:

Anyways, I went ahead and planned how my day would go, and pretty much just filmed every little thing I could. It was extremely nerve-wrecking, mostly because I am kind of camera shy, but also because I wasn’t sure which places I could film at and also I knew people would be looking at me really awkwardly and think “What is that girl doing talking to herself?”

But at the same time, it did feel kind of cool to film myself. Not to be egotistical at all. It made me wonder if that was what reality stars felt like. Having a camera on you just makes you act more properly and makes you try to act a little cooler. But, alas, I’m not really that cool or cliché, so I just came across as really strange. Whoops.

Okay so editing… Here’s a screenshot of what I was doing on iMovie:

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 8.44.11 PM

So, this time, I didn’t really have too much trouble with the program. I think I learned a lot from doing my first assignment without any help because I was able to teach myself a lot of the iMovie functions. I did learn how to fast-forward scenes though, which came in handy for my driving scenes (which BTW was really really hard to do because I was trying to avoid crashing or getting pulled over by cops all while trying to get a decent shot…) I also found this cool feature where you can add in time stamps. That way, you guys could see the lapse in time without me constantly being like “Oh hey, it’s so-and-so o’clock!”

Also, I found the music that comes with iMovie, which I used on scenes I decided to fast-forward. I thought it would be better to use something like music from iMovie instead of actual songs by bands and artists because I didn’t want to risk having my video taken down for copyright reasons.

Of course, I ran into a ton of random little problems. They were mostly due to my lack of recording expertise. The first one was definitely audio. It was hard for me to try to turn up the audio in certain areas, like in the beginning. No matter how high I turned it up, it was still really quiet! Secondly, I had trouble with the camera being super shaky. I didn’t think it was so bad when I was recording/watching it on my iPhone (which I used to record everything today!) but when I was editing all the clips together, I realized that they were pretty bad. Especially for the scenes at Target T_T I wish I could just put it on a tripod on my head or something!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed watching my day! Sorry if it’s not too interesting, but I tried to show you guys an array of different stuff! Let me know what you think (:

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