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Pixie Cluster

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One day during her first year, while walking in down one of the corridors at Mercury, the Fandom Princess heard loud noises coming from her favorite East Wing library. She paused, as did Ghost, but then instantly sprinted towards the sound of the noise.

Ghost ran right behind her and when they got to East Wing library, what they saw made both their mouths open wide. There were pixies, little tiny cream ones (the bad kinds, mind you) flying all over the room. They were taking over the bookshelves, they were lying out on the tables, and the students all just stared in wonder and slight terror.

“Well, this is peculiar,” the Princess stated and looked around for a professor who could hopefully solve the problem.

Not finding one fast enough, she rolled up the sleeves of robe and said, “Well, I guess it’s up to me.”

Ghost was the first one to charge in, barking loudly. The pixies responded in a flurry, turning and flying right towards the window which they had flown in from. The Princess began to clap her hands loudly in a specific rhythm and yelling at the top of her lungs, “Be gone, naughty pixies! Shoo! Shoo! You’re messing up the books!”

One by one, cluster by cluster, the pixies began to fly out of the library. It had taken only a few moments, but when all the pixies were finally gone from the room, all the students began to clap for the Princess’s smart tactic.

When the professors finally made it, they all smiled widely at the Princess.

“You are indeed quite a clever darling,” they said. The Princess merely smiled.

I found this video assignment title, A word… A picture… A story, intriguing while I was browsing and trying to find out which next assignment I wanted to do. The assignment called to pick between 5 and 10 random words and put them together in a video in order to create a story. This was more up my alley than anything else to be honest because it had to do with words, and I am a writer, so obviously, I love words and identify with them better to create a story than anything else.

So, first I had to randomly pick words. But I know me. I knew that I couldn’t randomly do it because I would think about the words that I was going to pick too much. So I had to find some sort of objective way to do this, some way that wouldn’t allow me to have any choice in what the words that I picked were.

Thus, I went to my good friend Google, and searched for a random word generator. The first hit brought me to this website, Random Word Generator, where I could pick between 1 and 8 words that would be generated for me! Nice, huh? But because I’m me, and still couldn’t just sit with the list that it gave me, I refreshed the list 3 times (that was my number limit) and determined that whichever it landed on would be the words that I would have to work with. So, my words were as follows:

beard, forest, motel, shadow, coffin, vase, crown, parrot

So, now that I had my 8 words, I had to figure out how exactly I wanted to put them together in the video. You know, how to make it tell a story and all that jazz. I struggled a bit at first, mainly because the English major in me panicked at the lack of verbs. But then I remembered that this didn’t necessarily have to be a sentence, it just needed to creatively tell a story. So I worked on rearranging the words in a way that would tell a story.

I guess I’ll tell you all my train of thought first, and then go into the actual video that I made to go along with it. I figured the beard could represent the man that would be the main central figure of the story, and that he lived in the forest and owned a pet parrot. While exploring this forest one day, he found a motel immersed in the shadow. Upon entering the, obviously, ancient motel, he found a strange and eery coffin, located next to a large vase, and a jewel encrusted crown, all seemingly belonging to the same person. And, to this day, the place remains a mystery to him. Here’s the end product!

After creating my hypothetical story,  I then did the Google search where I looked for images that went along vividly with the word as best that it could. After finding the images that I believed best encompassed the word (as you will be able to see in the video below) I then put them together using Windows Move Maker. I saved it, then uploaded it to YouTube, and then boom! The assignment was completed! Pretty neat. Since I had a great time, I also decided to use this as a tutorial! I hope it helps some people, especially that website if you’re like me!

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