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Week in Review | Video-licious

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Sadly, this will be the lamest update ever.  Due to circumstances beyond my control ( or any one’s really) I am not in a place with access to my files so that they can be fine tuned and uploaded.  I wasn’t able to bring my desk top with me, and don’t have everything needed on my laptop.

So today, a bit of reflection, and tomorrow night a whole lot of loading videos to appropriate places.

I realize this isn’t the standard, this isn’t optimal, or ideal.  This is just life.  Sometimes things other than school, work, assignments, and deadlines– are just more important.  This is one of those times.


The past two weeks have really been a whirl-wind.

A couple of things this week about video

1.  It takes an immense amount of time!  (Good thing I started right away, future ds106′ers heed my warning…start early…)

2.  It is more than just slapping some visuals together with a bit of sound.  Sound + Visual doesn’t always = a good story…or even a half-assed story.

3.  It is a versatile medium, and I still have a HUGE AMOUNT to learn, tweak, and play with in the days, months, and years ahead.

4.  This is just the beginning.  I keep thinking of ways I can possibly incorporate storytelling into my art in the future.


I hope when you see my stories, you can feel ME in them.  I think that THAT is the most important part of my storytelling.  I GIVE a piece of myself with each story.   The simplicity of telling a story about sharing a meal, listening to the rain, or the crazy news story of a man stuck in a ferocious lion’s den, these are all coming from me, in my voice, my point of view.

One struggle I have had throughout the class is getting an idea down, and executing it the way I think it should be.  Maybe my “eyes are bigger than my stomach” in the sense that I have great (according to me) ideas, that somehow don’t come together precisely how I had hoped.  This is okay.

This is okay because I don’t give up.  I learn a bit each time, and try to incorporate this learning in the next project.


UPDATE 15 April, 6:56pm


Alrighty– here is the updated Foley assignment.  I turned it into a (ridiculous) news story.  While I was planning and attacking the video it kinda morphed into something.  It’s O. K. I had a hard time putting a new spin on the genius of Charlie Chaplin.

It is way off in left field, but I was able to incorporate:

–a ding-dong of a reporter

–my classmates foley action

–a little nod to Sweet Brown

–a historical reference to Charlie Chaplin’s ex-wife Lite

–and a some other stupid stuffs.


5 Star, 30 Second Documentary

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